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Hello You Wonderful You,

Thank you and welcome to LOCAL.COM.GH, a new Ghanaian website by Yours Trully, George Appiah. If you’ve followed my career for a while, you know I primarily make my living from sharing my life, knowledge, and experiences online. I own and run several informational websites, including this website and this website which are focused on serving Ghanaians.

So why another website project, and what’s the focus of LOCAL.COM.GH?

I intend LOCAL.COM.GH to become Ghana’s most referenced online directory and reviews portal. My vision is to see that provides the most accurate and useful data about Ghanaian businesses, towns and cities, places of interest, and the smart people who run them. And I’m convinced if I do an awesome job here, this website will, in turn, fill my dinner table and my mind with enough delicacies and memories long into my last days here.

Four more information about the planned features and details of the monetization plan, please see about LOCAL.COM.GH page.

Right now I’m one lone wolf working on this website — coding, designing, writing, researching, promoting and doing everything else necessary to get the project going. And these are in addition to a ton of other activities and projects I’m involved in to serve society and feed the herd.

What this implies is that, even though I’m fully committed to this project, the pace of development of the website will be somewhat slow — probably not more than a few articles to be published every week. That said, please rest assured that the quality and depth of researched data accompanying every company, city or person to be profiled will more than compensate for the lower frequency of publication.

Thank you once again for checking out LOCAL.COM.GH in our very early days. If you’d like to tag along and follow the development of the website, kindly signup for our newsletter. It’s free and comes to your email inbox every Monday with the week’s progress report and other weekly goodies.


George Appiah